Safety & education


Fireworks that are improperly handled can be dangerous. At Wilson Fireworks, your safety is critically important. Give us a few minutes when you shop for your fireworks, and we will show you how each one should perform, and how to handle it properly, making sure your fireworks display is memorable, fun and more importantly, SAFE.

We also take the guesswork out of your firework purchase. We have demonstration videos on all products over $10 so you can see just how your purchase will perform. Wilson Fireworks has been supplying the Gulf Coast with fireworks for decades, so we want you have the best possible show for the money and come back to us year after year. That’s why we offer the best BANG for your BUCK!

Safety Tips

We all know that fireworks are fun, pretty and loud, but each year there are over 5,000 injuries from fireworks? So please be safe when handling, take the time at our stores to get safety instructions and make sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations.

ONLY adults should be handling fireworks. Parents, please remember that you should be in control of all fireworks. When children are playing with sparklers please be close by and teach them proper handling methods as even spent sparklers can cause a burn. If unsure of proper handling or safety, just ask when making your purchase.

Alcohol and fireworks

This is a dangerous combination to say the least. Just as drinking and driving is ill advised, handling live fireworks while consuming alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Please save the drinking for after the fireworks show if you are the one responsible for handling the pyrotechnics. This will help prevent personal injury, or injury to others.

Light on a flat surface

When using fireworks, always do it on a flat, sturdy surface, away from trees and other obstacles. Remember what goes up, must come down. There will always be a little debris that falls after firing, so be aware of that also. Always follow all manufacturer instructions. It is possible to cause a fire if you are not careful where you set off your fireworks. It is recommended that you have a fire extinguisher or at least a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby.

Fireworks that do not ignite

If you light a firework and it fizzles or smokes but does not ignite, stay back. This is quite dangerous as the fuse could still be smouldering inside. Wait at least 90 seconds before approaching. NEVER lean over or inspect a dud firework. Pour water over it and set it aside. Remember, you can return a bad product to Wilsons Fireworks and exchange it for one of equal value.

Animal safety

Please remember that while most people love fireworks, most animals do not. Some may even try to attack lit fireworks, creating a dangerous situation for the animal, and the people in proximity. It is best to leave pets inside during any firework festivities.