Safety & education


Fireworks are dangerous. Let us teach you safety of using and handling of your products. If you have 15 minutes when you come in we will be able to teach you all the basic of fireworks and the best was to handle them and what they each do. Why go some other store and guess that you got the right products for your celebration. With us you will leave feeling secure that you know how to use the product and that the products you bought are the perfect match for you and your celebration. Remember we have not a pop up tent that is just here to get your money and run. We are here for the duration.

Safety Tips

We all know that fireworks are fun, pretty and loud, but did you know that each year there are of 5,000 injuries from fireworks? Be safe and follow all manufacturer suggestions

ONLY adults should be handling fireworks. Parents remember that you should be in control of them not kids. When kids are playing with sparklers please be close by and teach them proper handling of sparklers. If unsure of proper handling or safety, ask us we can help you.

Alcohol and fireworks is a dangerous mix

When you mix the two you are taking a chance of personal injury or injury to others. Please don’t mix alcohol or drugs with Fireworks. Save the drinking for after the show. Remember it’s easy to prevent accidents but hard to fix accidents.

Shoot on a flat surface

When using fireworks always do it on a flat surface and away from trees and other obstacles. Remember what goes up must come down, so there will be a little dust and debris that falls. Always follow all manufacture instructions. You can cause a fire if you’re not careful where you set off your fireworks.

Fireworks that don’t light

Once you ignite a firework and it does not work don’t relight it. It could be a bad fuse and there could be fire still going in and could explode on you. This is very dangerous. Leave it alone. Always have water available to use. Once you’re done put water on each product to ensure that all Sparks and fire is out and not able to re-ignite later.

Animal safety

Be careful with fireworks and animals. Many animals are afraid of the noise and some will try to attack them because they don’t know what to do. Keep all pets inside for their Safety.