About Wilson Fireworks

Firework history

Wilson Fireworks is proud to be a part of a long tradition of fireworks. Fireworks may have been utilized as far back as 200 B.C. - Indications are that people roasted green bamboo stalks until the air inside would sizzle, expand and explode. Once gunpowder was invented by Chinese alchemists, the modern firework started becoming a common sight around the world, used to celebrate all kinds of gatherings, celebrations and traditions. In 1486, a fireworks display was designed for Henry Vll’s wedding and was considered a most magnificent display for the time. The Palace of Versailles in Paris routinely put on fireworks shows, and Peter the Great of Russia, put together a fireworks display for his son's birthday that lasted over five hours! By the nineteenth century, fireworks had become a staple at every major celebration around the world. The US started using them to commemorate the end of the revolutionary war, and of course, we now celebrate every 4th of July with huge fireworks displays from sea to shining sea.

Wilson Fireworks is proud to be part of this history here in Mississippi. With five locations to serve you from Saucier, to Ocean Springs, Moss Point to Poplarville. We are a family owned and operated business, selling both retail and wholesale fireworks. Wilson Fireworks carries a large selection of fireworks. You will find popular brand name choices as well as a variety of generic fireworks to fit every budget and display design. We believe that every customer should be happy with their purchase. If you allow us, and will take the time when you come in, we will educate you about any of our products and show you how best to use them to put on your best possible show.

Our stores have video demonstrations of almost every product over ten dollars. These videos will not only give you a better idea of what you are buying, but how it can be best used, whether for a back yard family gathering or a big bang corporate event. At Wilson Fireworks we strive to be as low priced as possible, and when you compare, you will see that 90% of our products are priced lower than anybody else ... You will also see why our motto is Wilson Fireworks - The Best Bang For Your Buck.


Wilson Fireworks backs all our products and believe in customer satisfaction. So if a product does not perform properly, bring it back to us the next day and we will exchange it for the same product or anything of equal value. Sorry, but we do not refund, exchanges only.