About Wilson Fireworks

Firework history

Wilson Fireworks is proud to be a part of a long tradition of fireworks. Fireworks were invented back as far as 200 B.C. in which people toasted bamboo stalks till the air inside would sizzle and explode. Once gunpowder was created fireworks and its idea started becoming a part of the world. As years passed the idea for fireworks traveled across the world. Which began to be used to celebrate all kinds of traditions and gathering. As far back as 1486 fireworks were made for Henry Vll wedding. It was considered a magnificent display. The Palace of Versailles in Paris routinely did firework shows. Peter the Great, of Russia, did a 5 hour firework display for his son's birthday. By the 1800’s, Fireworks started being used all around the world. The US started using them for the celebration of the Revolutionary War. We now celebrate every 4th of July with a Firework display all across our County.

Wilson Fireworks is proud to be part of this tradition. We are family owned and operated. We sell both Retail and Wholesale. Wilson fireworks carries a large variety of Fireworks, both popular name brands and generic. We believe that each person who comes into our store should be happy with their purchase. If you allow us, when you come in we will teach you about our products and how to use them for the best shows and at a great price. Our stores have videos’ of almost every product over $10 that we sell. This allows you to have a better idea of what you are buying. Why GUESS. We strive to be as low as possible and when you compare us to the other firework stores you will notice that 90% of all our products are lower priced than our competitor’s. Yet we carry the best products. That is why our MOTTO is Best Bang For Your Buck.


Wilson fireworks backs all our products. We believe in customer satisfaction. So if you end up with a product that does not perform properly, bring it back to us the next day and we will trade it for the same product or anything of the same value. Sorry, but we don’t do Refunds.